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World Trade Center Survivor
Couple Survives WTC Attack

World Trade Center Survivor

When the explosion took place and the building was crumbling around me, images of my wife, parents, grandmother, and other loved ones flashed through my mind. The relief that we were alive was almost more than I could bear.

September 11 by Sujo John: My job in the World Trade Center was very convenient for me because my wife worked on the 71st floor of the other tower of the World Trade Center. At about 8:45 am on the morning of September 11, 2001, I had just faxed out some documents and was returning to my desk and heard this extremely loud explosion. Our building shook and tilted. People screamed throughout our floor. Although we had no idea of what had happened, what had happened was that the first aircraft had hit the floors directly above us, although we didn't know that. Soon debris from the aircraft flew into our office and everything started going up in flames. Everyone, however, remained calm and we started making our way to the stairway. That moment my heart sank, as I had no idea whether the plane had hit our tower or the one my wife was working in. I thought to myself that she would have been entering the second tower at that moment.

We were all being evacuated through the stairway. My cellphone was not working so I had no way of reaching my wife. After I had gone down about thirty flights, I entered an office on the 53rd floor and tried to make some calls. However, the only number I could reach was my cousin's wife who lived in Queens. I told her I was fine and that I was going down the stairwell. By this time, I was extremely worried about my wife, and continued running down the stairwells. While we were descending, there were hundreds of fire fighters and police officers passing by us on the way up to rescue people who were trapped. These brave men never made it home. We were escorted through the exit of the second World Trade Center tower. I had just reached the revolving door of the building when I heard a loud explosion and the whole building collapsed.

All 110 stories of the second tower of the World Trade Center collapsed upon us standing at the foot of the building. Huge boulders and steel and mortar were tumbling down around us. We huddled at one end of the building and I started praying for the blood of Jesus and asking God to give me the strength to see this horrific event through. I told the people around me that all of us were going to die and if there was anyone who did not yet know Christ that they should call upon His name. At that point, everyone around me started crying: "Jesus!"

When you are near death, you are very ready to accept Jesus into your life. By then, the whole building had collapses and we were in the debris. Not a single boulder or any material fell on me. I found myself in three feet of white soot. I got to my feet and was surrounded by silence. I could see dead bodies all around me. God directed me to a man on the ground who had a flashlight on him. I told him that only Jesus could save us and that we had to live.

When the man had stood up, I saw that the jacket he was wearing had "FBI" written on it. We held hands and started walking through the rubble. If it hadn't been for the flashlight I am convinced we wouldn't have survived as we could not see anything. It was like a blizzard, one caused by all the concrete and ash that had been stirred up into the atmosphere.

The Holy Spirit then showed me a light flashing on top of an ambulance, so I told the man from the FBI that we had to head to that flashing light, since the ambulance was on the street. We somehow made it to the ambulance, which had been badly hit by flying debris. But still God kept the flashing light on top of the ambulance working to show me the way. From that point, it was relatively easy for us to make our way out. Nevertheless, I was gripped by the thought that my wife who was in the other World Trade Center tower might be dead. All kinds of images went through my mind.

Crowds started running from all over downtown to safer places far away from the skyscrapers. We ran and walked for an hour, and throughout the whole time my cell phone failed to work. Finally, at noon my cell phone rang. It was my wife, telling me that she was alive. When she heard my voice, she realized that I too had made it through. She had not made it to work, since her train had reached the World Trade Center subway stop five minutes after the first crash and so had not made it into the buildings. She had been hysterical on the streets, thinking I was dead and seeing people jumping out of the buildings.

Nevertheless, both of us were, miraculously, alive. My wife reached 39th Street in Manhattan near the Ferry and somehow I reached there. We looked back and could see both our buildings now only a pile of smoking rubble and ashes.
It is impossible to explain the sense of relief that flowed through us when we saw each other. Both of us had been so close to believing that we would never see each other again. When the explosion took place and the building was crumbling around me, images of my wife, parents, grandmother, and other loved ones flashed through my mind. The relief that we were alive was almost more than I could bear.

This story of ours is almost too good to be true. In spite of 110 floors of one of the tallest buildings in the world falling around me, I had not one single scratch on my body. For me this is proof that not only is God good, but that He knows the number of every single hair on our head. God never sleeps or dozes. This event proved to me that He is coming soon and that it is fundamentally important that we live every day as if He will be coming that very day.

I thank you for all your prayers. My heart goes out to the thousands who died in both our buildings and in the Pentagon and their relatives. We knew many of the ones who died in our building.

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Couple Survives WTC Attack
“Saved out of the Jaws of Death on 9/11 - No Coincidence”

On the day of the attack, I arrived on the 98th floor of World Trade Center Tower One at 8 AM. At approximately 8:20 am I had a pain in my back like some one was stabbing me. I left the tower and went across the street to 11 Park Place, 19th floor, to get a painkiller. As I held the painkiller in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, I heard the sound of a jet diving. As I looked out the window I saw the plane plow into the 1 WTC.

On the same floor that I had just been! As the fire roared I watched people trying to climb out of the windows and make their way down the side of the building but as they came out, he or she fell. As the fire intensified more and more people trying to escape the fire would be running towards the windows and fall to their death. Many of the faces I could make out, since I knew them. I counted at least 40 people from where I was. Then I saw the second plane make a turn and plow into Tower 2.The explosion blew airplane, body parts and debris up Church Street and against 11 Park place. As I looked in horror, I could not move but only cry. As I looked across the street a jet engine had landed on Church St. & Murray. A piece of the wing was embedded in the building across the street and it was on fire, with paper debris everywhere.

My fellow employee’s were in shock. Fay had come into the office. She was in the open park between WTC 1 and WTC 2 when the plane hit. She was messed up, crying and bleeding. As I looked out of the broken windows I realized that the way the fire was burning that the trade centers were going to collapse.

With a boldness and authority that I just knew came from God, I ordered everyone to pack up and get out. I did not recall doing or saying this, but after going to a counseling session with my fellow workers they reminded me, and told me the building came down just as I had predicted. James, one of my coworkers, had just started working in Manhattan the day before, he didn’t know where to go because the way he went home was destroyed. I told him to follow me. I knew another out of way out of the city. As we came out of the building their was chaos everywhere, debris, body parts, fire, screaming, people walking up the street hurt, bleeding and burnt. Police screaming "get out of here", "run", fire engines driving to the site, a war zone. As I looked down the street it had debris of all kinds... body parts... and papers falling to the ground. I told James to stay close as we began to walk up town. A women’s hand landed on my left arm. I still feel it some times. Red nail polish, a wedding ring. I shook it off and began to shake. People were asking how to get out of here; I don’t know why but I said follow me. We were walking up town and passed a news camera. A friend tells me he saw me on TV. Then that horrible sound. The ground began to shake. We looked back and WTC tower 2 was collapsing. That sound... I can’t forget it. People started running. Then blackness. You could not see, it was hard to breathe, screams etc. Somehow we made it up to 33rd Street.

We took a ferry to Hoboken, but this was another adventure. They told us that those persons who were downtown were to get off first. As we made it down the walk the ferry backed up with the rest of the passengers. There were FBI agents with automatic weapons pointing the way. One of the women in our group had been trying to call home, and broke down crying. I turned to her and told her I was a minister and MAY I pray with her. I asked her where were the children. She told me at her moms. I reassured her that they were safe and soon she would be home with them. As I began to pray with her, everyone around as far as I could see in all directions were praying with me. I never saw so many people praying.

Then the police and FBI started screaming "MOVE this way!" They put us in HAZMAT sprayers and scrubbed us, soaking us with some kind of chemical and then water. They led us to an area where doctors, nurses, and MINISTERS were attending to the wounded. They checked us out and gave us coffee and a snack and arranged for buses to take the people home that could make it. These are memories that will be with me forever.

But through it all, God’s Hand was on me and those that He wanted to help.

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