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A Jet Fighter's Near Death Experience
World Trade Center Survivor
Better to Give Than Receive
Couple Survives WTC Attack
Jesus Came To Me In Person
Have you ever doubted God's existence? I don't... God literally saved my life!

Jet Fighter Almost Becomes an Ice Cube!!

I am eternally grateful that I faced death in a jet fighter (F86-F) in Korea in 1957.
It was my first flight in that aircraft. I was lost and could not get back to my base. This represented my spiritual condition at that time because I was living my life for MY OWN PLEASURE! I was angry at anyone who had any belief. To myself, I would laugh at them all.

The aircraft flamed out for a lack of fuel at 30,000 feet and I began gliding down. I knew two things:
1) I would die.
2) I would stand before God and come up short.

In the aircraft, I bowed my head and said " GOD FORGIVE ME!" Then as peace poured over me I said " GOD HELP ME!"

Then I could do what I could not do before. I blew the canopy and then the ejection seat. Tumbling backwards in the slipstream, I opened the seatbelt and pushed off the seat. Free falling for a time while adjusted the leg straps on my parachute, I then pulled the D-ring. My parachute opened, the plane went in the Sea of Japan in the winter time. Had I gone into the sea, I'm told I would have lived only five minutes in that icy water. Usually at dusk there would have been an offshore breeze because the sea holds its heat longer then the land does.

INSTEAD, I got an onshore breeze blowing me back onto the shore. God heard my cry.
The question is, dear reader, where are you? Have you cried out to him? In the gospel of John, chapter 17 (verses 7,8,& 9) Jesus says the comforter (the Holy Spirit) will reprove (or convict) the world of sin because they do not know him. Do you?

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World Trade Center Survivor

When the explosion took place and the building was crumbling around me, images of my wife, parents, grandmother, and other loved ones flashed through my mind. The relief that we were alive was almost more than I could bear.

September 11 by Sujo John: My job in the World Trade Center was very convenient for me because my wife worked on the 71st floor of the other tower of the World Trade Center. At about 8:45 am on the morning of September 11, 2001, I had just faxed out some documents and was returning to my desk and heard this extremely loud explosion. Our building shook and tilted. People screamed throughout our floor. Although we had no idea of what had happened, what had happened was that the first aircraft had hit the floors directly above us, although we didn't know that. Soon debris from the aircraft flew into our office and everything started going up in flames. Everyone, however, remained calm and we started making our way to the stairway. That moment my heart sank, as I had no idea whether the plane had hit our tower or the one my wife was working in. I thought to myself that she would have been entering the second tower at that moment.

We were all being evacuated through the stairway. My cellphone was not working so I had no way of reaching my wife. After I had gone down about thirty flights, I entered an office on the 53rd floor and tried to make some calls. However, the only number I could reach was my cousin's wife who lived in Queens. I told her I was fine and that I was going down the stairwell. By this time, I was extremely worried about my wife, and continued running down the stairwells. While we were descending, there were hundreds of fire fighters and police officers passing by us on the way up to rescue people who were trapped. These brave men never made it home. We were escorted through the exit of the second World Trade Center tower. I had just reached the revolving door of the building when I heard a loud explosion and the whole building collapsed.

All 110 stories of the second tower of the World Trade Center collapsed upon us standing at the foot of the building. Huge boulders and steel and mortar were tumbling down around us. We huddled at one end of the building and I started praying for the blood of Jesus and asking God to give me the strength to see this horrific event through. I told the people around me that all of us were going to die and if there was anyone who did not yet know Christ that they should call upon His name. At that point, everyone around me started crying: "Jesus!"

When you are near death, you are very ready to accept Jesus into your life. By then, the whole building had collapses and we were in the debris. Not a single boulder or any material fell on me. I found myself in three feet of white soot. I got to my feet and was surrounded by silence. I could see dead bodies all around me. God directed me to a man on the ground who had a flashlight on him. I told him that only Jesus could save us and that we had to live.

When the man had stood up, I saw that the jacket he was wearing had "FBI" written on it. We held hands and started walking through the rubble. If it hadn't been for the flashlight I am convinced we wouldn't have survived as we could not see anything. It was like a blizzard, one caused by all the concrete and ash that had been stirred up into the atmosphere.

The Holy Spirit then showed me a light flashing on top of an ambulance, so I told the man from the FBI that we had to head to that flashing light, since the ambulance was on the street. We somehow made it to the ambulance, which had been badly hit by flying debris. But still God kept the flashing light on top of the ambulance working to show me the way. From that point, it was relatively easy for us to make our way out. Nevertheless, I was gripped by the thought that my wife who was in the other World Trade Center tower might be dead. All kinds of images went through my mind.

Crowds started running from all over downtown to safer places far away from the skyscrapers. We ran and walked for an hour, and throughout the whole time my cell phone failed to work. Finally, at noon my cell phone rang. It was my wife, telling me that she was alive. When she heard my voice, she realized that I too had made it through. She had not made it to work, since her train had reached the World Trade Center subway stop five minutes after the first crash and so had not made it into the buildings. She had been hysterical on the streets, thinking I was dead and seeing people jumping out of the buildings.

Nevertheless, both of us were, miraculously, alive. My wife reached 39th Street in Manhattan near the Ferry and somehow I reached there. We looked back and could see both our buildings now only a pile of smoking rubble and ashes.
It is impossible to explain the sense of relief that flowed through us when we saw each other. Both of us had been so close to believing that we would never see each other again. When the explosion took place and the building was crumbling around me, images of my wife, parents, grandmother, and other loved ones flashed through my mind. The relief that we were alive was almost more than I could bear.

This story of ours is almost too good to be true. In spite of 110 floors of one of the tallest buildings in the world falling around me, I had not one single scratch on my body. For me this is proof that not only is God good, but that He knows the number of every single hair on our head. God never sleeps or dozes. This event proved to me that He is coming soon and that it is fundamentally important that we live every day as if He will be coming that very day.

I thank you for all your prayers. My heart goes out to the thousands who died in both our buildings and in the Pentagon and their relatives. We knew many of the ones who died in our building.

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Better to Give Than Receive
"Here's a financial principal that when properly applied, works EVERY time!"

God’s word is true whether or not we know it or believe it. Sowing and reaping is a physical as well as a spiritual law. You cannot harvest something you haven’t planted. You plant oranges, you get oranges. You plant words of encouragement, you will be encouraged when you need it. You sow money into the Kingdom of God and your finances will be blessed. It’s a law, like gravity. Whether or not you believe gravity is a physical law, doesn’t change the law. It will work every time. That’s the way God set it up.

Four years ago, me, my husband and our then 5 year old daughter began believing for a baby boy.. God gave us his name. It was to be Joshua Paul. We had the name, we had the furniture from our first child but no baby. We referred to the baby all the time. Our daughter constantly talked about her new baby brother and always thanked God for him but still, no baby. One Sunday in church, we discovered a situation that touched our hearts through our "Needs and Seeds" Bulletin Board.. It seemed there was a couple pregnant with their second child. They did not know Jesus and did not attend the church. Because of financial problems, they felt they could not afford to have another child and were considering abortion. Their mom, a good Christian woman who also attends the church, convinced them that God would supply their need and not to abort this child. They agreed to wait and see what God would do. In the meantime she posted a Need Card on the Bulletin Board for infant items; we saw the card and decided to sow every stitch of baby furniture, diaper bags, clothes, the works into this family. We had been saving it for our own baby but decided to give it to them. When the mother saw the amount of items we were giving to her son and daughter-in-law, she was overwhelmed. We told her we had been trying to have another baby of our own but nothing had happened yet. Her words to us were "Well, you will get pregnant now, for sure." I just tossed it off as someone who was trying to be encouraging. This couple saw the hand of God and were amazed at what God did for them. They decided not to abort the baby. It was a baby boy!! Exactly two months later, we found out we were indeed pregnant!! Mind you this is after four years of waiting. As the months rolled by we were aware that we now had nothing for our own baby. We had given everything to this other couple. Our baby boy was born April 2000 but by February 2000, two months before his birth, we had a nursery full of baby furniture and everything that goes with it: crib, changing table, baby bath, car seat, blankets, clothes, toys, none of which was purchased by us. It all miraculously came to us by the hand of God. As a matter of fact, we received more than we sowed because you can’t out give the Lord. When we’re done with these items, we’ll sow them again because we love living in the blessings of God.

If you want to continually live in the blessings of God, sow good things in the things you say, the things you do, the soil you sow your financial seed in and the way you live your life. You will never regret taking God at His word.

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World Trade Center Survivor
“Saved out of the Jaws of Death on 9/11 - No Coincidence”

On the day of the attack, I arrived on the 98th floor of World Trade Center Tower One at 8 AM. At approximately 8:20 am I had a pain in my back like some one was stabbing me. I left the tower and went across the street to 11 Park Place, 19th floor, to get a painkiller. As I held the painkiller in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, I heard the sound of a jet diving. As I looked out the window I saw the plane plow into the 1 WTC.

On the same floor that I had just been! As the fire roared I watched people trying to climb out of the windows and make their way down the side of the building but as they came out, he or she fell. As the fire intensified more and more people trying to escape the fire would be running towards the windows and fall to their death. Many of the faces I could make out, since I knew them. I counted at least 40 people from where I was. Then I saw the second plane make a turn and plow into Tower 2.The explosion blew airplane, body parts and debris up Church Street and against 11 Park place. As I looked in horror, I could not move but only cry. As I looked across the street a jet engine had landed on Church St. & Murray. A piece of the wing was embedded in the building across the street and it was on fire, with paper debris everywhere.

My fellow employee’s were in shock. Fay had come into the office. She was in the open park between WTC 1 and WTC 2 when the plane hit. She was messed up, crying and bleeding. As I looked out of the broken windows I realized that the way the fire was burning that the trade centers were going to collapse.

With a boldness and authority that I just knew came from God, I ordered everyone to pack up and get out. I did not recall doing or saying this, but after going to a counseling session with my fellow workers they reminded me, and told me the building came down just as I had predicted. James, one of my coworkers, had just started working in Manhattan the day before, he didn’t know where to go because the way he went home was destroyed. I told him to follow me. I knew another out of way out of the city. As we came out of the building their was chaos everywhere, debris, body parts, fire, screaming, people walking up the street hurt, bleeding and burnt. Police screaming "get out of here", "run", fire engines driving to the site, a war zone. As I looked down the street it had debris of all kinds... body parts... and papers falling to the ground. I told James to stay close as we began to walk up town. A women’s hand landed on my left arm. I still feel it some times. Red nail polish, a wedding ring. I shook it off and began to shake. People were asking how to get out of here; I don’t know why but I said follow me. We were walking up town and passed a news camera. A friend tells me he saw me on TV. Then that horrible sound. The ground began to shake. We looked back and WTC tower 2 was collapsing. That sound... I can’t forget it. People started running. Then blackness. You could not see, it was hard to breathe, screams etc. Somehow we made it up to 33rd Street.

We took a ferry to Hoboken, but this was another adventure. They told us that those persons who were downtown were to get off first. As we made it down the walk the ferry backed up with the rest of the passengers. There were FBI agents with automatic weapons pointing the way. One of the women in our group had been trying to call home, and broke down crying. I turned to her and told her I was a minister and MAY I pray with her. I asked her where were the children. She told me at her moms. I reassured her that they were safe and soon she would be home with them. As I began to pray with her, everyone around as far as I could see in all directions were praying with me. I never saw so many people praying.

Then the police and FBI started screaming "MOVE this way!" They put us in HAZMAT sprayers and scrubbed us, soaking us with some kind of chemical and then water. They led us to an area where doctors, nurses, and MINISTERS were attending to the wounded. They checked us out and gave us coffee and a snack and arranged for buses to take the people home that could make it. These are memories that will be with me forever.

But through it all, God’s Hand was on me and those that He wanted to help.

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Jesus Came To Me In Person

“I am a 50-year-old man, I drive a semi truck for a living, I am also buying a home in
Oroville California. I have 3 kids and my wife-in all- just a regular family.
On Jan-2nd 2005, I, Terry Dean witnessed this:

It was 3 o'clock in the morning. I was on route 1-5 driving south in the semi truck, 10 miles south of Lathrope, CA. I heard a great wind, then he appeared looking like a 2ft X 5ft tornado in the cab of the semi truck. When the spinning wind stopped, it became and was the form and shape of a man. He said with a loud voice, "I am the Lord your GOD and besides Me there is no other". At this point as he appeared, I looked at him right in the face, His face was full of a fierce anger, His body looked like flowing energy that was tan in color. After seeing His face one time, I did not look at his face again for the next 2 days because I felt I was not worthy to look upon His face, or worthy for him to look upon my face. The magnitude of His presence cannot be put into words. The power of his voice was overwhelming and can not be defined or titled or put into words. I felt totally exposed and vulnerable at his presence.

At this time He was very angry and very fierce and I thought I was going to die. My whole body started shaking and trembling (I could not stop for the next 24 hours), Then he said, "I am giving you your deliverance, I am setting the captive free. I have cast out the demons again, you have your healing and your salvation, so now stand". Then I started to cry and could not stop or control my crying, my nose started to run and before long my beard was full of tears and snot. I did not have a rag or napkins to dry my face so I kept wiping my eyes of tears so I could see the highway. My wind breaker jacket and shirt were wet too. The wind breaker was no good for drying my face, it only smeared. Then he said "I am going into my temple and tear out the furniture, tear down the walls, build a new temple, bring in heavenly furniture, and we will go in and sup together". Then He leaned forward and put His hands together and became a stream of energy or electricity that flowed right into my chest. I could feel Him enter my chest. I could feel Him moving around and doing something in there. Then I started to feel better and almost lighter as if heavy sin was being removed. This went on for about 30 minutes or so. At about 3:00 am he came back out the way he went in. A stream of flowing energy came out of my chest and formed a man shape, and stood in front of me. I kept my head down a little so I would not look at his face. Then he stepped to my right and stood there for 10 or 15 minutes. I was petrified, so I sat there driving the semi truck. For that 10 or 15 min and nothing was said. I could not stop crying or shaking. Now at about 3:45 He began to shout at me and He was in great rage. He was so fierce as he went from one side of me to the other side of me that He seem to be all over me and in me and at me.

He made it clear he was angry about the way I have been living because I was living for Him only part of the time and not all of the time. I was very scared, and I said LORD GOD you are going to give me a heart attack, and He said "I will take your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh, and with your new heart I will give you a new song," now it took him only one second for Him to do and say this. He reached His hand into my chest and pulled my heart out and put His hand back in and gave me a new heart, pulled His hand out and said, "And a new song", as four stars flew from His finger tips. Now as soon as the stars hit me, a song started. The music was beautiful and not of this world,. It sounded like singing angels as the song filled the cab of the truck. This was the first song of four songs in a row I heard. I have played the drums for 20 years and believe you me, the timing and notes were not of this world-very, very lovely songs. Now at this point a great peace came over me and I felt blessed and pure. Then He calmed down and His fierce fury and anger left Him and He was no longer angry, but before in His anger I was, and am sure, that no man or army's or weapons or powers of any kind could go against Him and live or stand. Even the earth would like to hide in the sun from this One, I believe the whole earth would be safer and have a better chance of living by throwing it's self into the Sun rather then go against Him. Then He stood in front of me and put His hands together and became that flowing stream of energy that flowed into my chest.

Now the next thing I know we were standing together at the front doors of a large Temple. The doors opened and we walked in. At this point, He was in the form of a man made with flesh and bone. He had on a great robe, it was white. Now the temple was made of gold, but the floor was made of bright silver. At the back of the temple was a great throne made of gold, the back of the throne was very high and beautiful. We were standing just inside the temple doors, and to our right was a large table set with food. The table was 3ft x 40ft long. We walked over to the table, sat down, and started to eat. We said nothing at supper, then He stood up and walked over to His throne and He sat down. I got up just enough to go to the floor with my face on the floor and I crawled to the corner of the temple by the table. I kept my face to the floor as low as I could get. With my hands over my face I cried and wept in the corner. After a little time passed, I felt I had to go to His throne, so I said “Lord God?” and He said "Yes". I said, “May I come to your throne?” and He said, "come". So I crawled to him with my face to the floor. I was crying and trembling. I started kissing His feet and washing them with my tears. Now the love and compassion coming from Him was overwhelming, I was in heaven.

Then I felt not worthy even to kiss His feet so I said, "Lord?", and He said, "Yes". I said, May I leave your throne? He said, "Yes", so I kept my face to the floor and crawled back to the corner where I was before and with my hands over my face I stayed there bowed down crying and weeping. After what seemed to be about 10 minutes, my heart started to yearn for Him over-whelmingly so I said, "Lord?". He said, "Yes". I said, “Can I come back to your throne?” He said, "Come", so I crawled back to Him with my face to the floor. I reached His feet and with much crying and weeping I started to kiss His feet again. I knew He could read my mind, and I knew I thought I was not worthy to look upon His face. After what seemed to be about 5 minutes I said, "Lord?" He said "Yes". I said "May I leave Your throne?", He said "Yes", so I crawled back to the corner like before and stayed there crying with my hands over my face bowed down. After a little while I yearned for Him again. Everything in me and of me was saying go back to Him, I must go back, so I said "Lord?". He said "Yes" I said "May I come back to Your throne? He said, "Yes", so I started crawling back to Him like before face down and crying. Now this was the third time I went to His throne. I was kissing His feet and washing them with my tears. Then I said "Lord", He said "Yes", I said "May I Leave Your throne", He said, "Yes", so with my face to the floor I crawled only 2 feet and He said, "Stand up and walk back like a son", so I stood up happy and tall and walked back to the table where we had eaten before, I sat there for about 10 minutes with my hands over my face. Then He stood up and walked over to me. I stood up and we walked together to the other side of the large table where there was a small table. On the small table was a diagram of what I would do.

Then He said "I am giving you a new name, your new name is ‘the messenger and
the witness’. You are in my hand, and I am in your heart, and I have blessed you before
the foundation of the world. You were in Christ during His resurrection. I am sending you
to stand in front of many people”. I said "Lord God I can't do that, He said, "I have taken
your soiled rags and given you a robe of righteousness. I will give you the power and
the boldness and will go before you. I will open the door and you will enter in and the rivers will be full and the shade shall be plenty". I said "Why me Lord". He said, "You are a tree I have been pruning and trimming for my purpose and glory. Now tell the people I gave them this message, I have sent you and if they know me they will receive you because you are of me and we are the same. If they receive you not, it is because they know not me who sent you, and if they know not me who sent you, they will be damned. I am your God and besides me there is no other, I have life in my hand. I the Lord have spoke it. I am He. When you come to my throne you bring with you fear in one hand and trembling in the other hand. Do not bring with you idle talk or children’s games. For there is a fierce war in Heaven and earth. After you enter into the kingdom then we will rejoice and be glad, but for now bring with you fear and trembling".
Then He pointed down at the diagram on the small table and said "Here you are standing in front of many people and you will do very good for a time and reaching many, you will stand and your ministry will stand, and right here you will leave and go straight through the gates of the kingdom and enter into the Kingdom. Your robe is already there waiting for you, and your crown is there also. Then He said, "All of your family will be saved and enter the kingdom.” Now the next thing I knew, we were back in the cab of the semi truck. He was standing to my right and I was driving just like before we went into His temple. The truck was not stopped or pulled over at any time. It is now 4:30 am, I was amazed and crying and thinking of all He had told me. Then He said, "I am going into My temple". Then He turned into that stream of energy again and flowed into my chest again. We did not talk for the next hour but the music was still coming out of me, the music was loud, the music was not of this world, it was so beautiful and sounded like singing angels, maybe 10 or 15 of them. Now at about 6 o'clock I was wondering if He was still in me so I said, "Lord God", and He said, "I am here". I drove till about 7 o'clock and arrived at my delivery and pick-up point, in Coalinga CA at I-5 Hwy and 198 Hwy, I arrived three minutes early and traded trucks with the driver from the south from Fontana CA. I started my return trip at 7:15 am, now as I was driving I would remember parts of what happened so I would pull over and write them down and I pulled over many times on the way back.

Now about one hour before I arrived back at the willows terminal I was thinking about Wayne. Wayne is a close relative of mine. I was just talking out loud to my self saying "Wayne will never believe what is happening to me", and the Lord said, "Tell Wayne it doesn't matter if he believes or not, it won't change the work I am doing in You". I said "Ok Lord I will tell him”. Now when the Lord spoke from inside me, He sounded like many lions roaring at the same time, and sometime He sounded as soft as a lamb. I arrived back at the truck terminal in willows at 12:30 pm, got in my car and started to drive home. When I got to Oroville, CA, I stopped at Wayne's home to tell him what had happened, and told him what the Lord said to him. I was right, he had trouble believing any of this, even though he is a man of God. I left Wayne's and started home.

I was thinking does the Lord know what I am thinking and feeling? Does He really know my hurts and pains? So I would ask Him. I said "Lord", He said nothing, I said "Lord", He said nothing. By not answering, He was saying yes I know your thoughts, and how could you ask me God that. So this was the only time He did not answer me, it meant a lot to me because this was a very stupid question. So I arrived home and sat down shaking and crying, I could not stop, it was so intense. I just sat there shaking and crying. My wife was soon home and I started to tell her all that had happened to me. She started to cry saying, “Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord”. We wept together and cried together for the rest of the evening and did not stop. I slowed down a little, but before long I would go into a weeping and shaking mode. Every time I would brake down she would do the same. My daughter came home and saw me shaking and said, “take a shower, that will warm you up”. I said, "I'm not shaking because I'm cold, I'm shaking because of the presence of God.

I did sleep before going back to work but not much. I woke up and got ready for work, I left for work at 12:45 am on day #2. Now normally I would pray at this time when I first start driving, asking the Lord to watch over me and my driving, and to protect my family while I am away, but I was still shook up from what happened, and did not feel like praying or talking to the Lord. Right then so I said, "Lord?" He said "I am here". I said, "I'm still shook up from yesterday. Is it okay if we talk later. He said "Yes", so I kept on driving and wondering what would happen later. Now when the Lord would talk, His voice came right out of me because He was inside of me. It was not a little small voice inside me like I sometimes hear. When He Talked for these 2 days, His voice was as fierce as a lion or sounded like many water Talks, sometimes His voice was as meek as a lamb, very calm, but always clear just the way it sounds when someone is in the room talking, His voice filled the car or cab of the truck, I heard it with regular ears. I got to work at 1:45 am, picked up the semi truck and drove south on I-5 like normal.

At about 4 am there was a strong rushing wind that came out of me in the form of
a tornado,
it just sat to my right. spinning for a minute, It was about 3ft by 4ft high. It stopped., He was in the form of a man but was red in color, bright red, and looked like flowing electricity. I looked and in His right hand was a big red ball. It was about the size of a basketball, and it looked like bright red flowing electricity or energy. He said with a loud voice "Receive Ye Fire", and He slammed the red ball on my chest, it exploded on me, and went all over me and in me. I was jerking back and forth. The energy was so strong it took my breath. I had to catch my breath, then I looked over, and He now had a big blue ball in His right hand. It looked like energy or electricity. The blue ball was bigger than the red ball and He was bigger too. Then He said with a loud voice "Receive Ye The Holy Ghost", then He slammed it on my chest and it exploded on me and went over me and in me again, and again I was jerking back and forth, I had to catch my breath again, and He said in a loud Voice, "Many men have cried and many men would have died to see what you have seen". Then He put His hands together and turned into a stream of energy that flowed into my chest again. So I sat there driving and thinking. Now at about 5 am He came out of me again the same way, loud wind and a spinning tornado, when He stopped He was in the form as before, tan in color. Then He said in a loud voice, " Put on the whole armor of GOD and keep your eyes On JESUS and your heart on the HOLY GHOST, I am giving you gifts of the SPIRIT " I said, what gift's LORD? He said "Discerning of spirit's and the ability to cast out evil”.

On my way I said Lord, He said "Yes". I said, "Is there anyone saved by having faith
in the faith of Abraham?"
He said "Yes, there are some saved who had faith in the faith
of Abraham." I later ask myself if He meant today or only at the time of Abraham. Then He said "on the third day I will reveal what you should do. Go to the church and have the elders put there hands on you, and anoint you with oil so that you will receive your healing". Then I said LORD, I am stopping at Wayne's house to talk to him, what should I say to him to make Him believe what is happening to me, or is there something you want to say to him? He said, "Yes, tell him I said “Wayne, you are among us, fear not I am with you always". Little did I know that Wayne would be killed in a freak accident one month from today. GOD blessed him; he is with the LORD even as you read this. I stopped by Wayne’s and told him what the LORD had said. I left there from home. On my way I said LORD? He said, "Yes". I said I hope I did not say any thing I should not have said”, He said "No, I know what you were going to say and I would have warned you in advance". Then He went back inside me, so I sat there driving the truck and thinking. I arrived at Colinga,CA at about 7:30am. I traded trucks and started back north at 7:45am. At 8:45am, I said LORD; He said "Yes", I said I am sorry they crucified you. He said, "It is all right it had to be done". I arrived back at the willows terminal at 1:00 pm and got in my car heading for home.

When I got home I was wondering what the Lord would reveal (tomorrow) on the third day, so I sat there rested and prayed, I was thinking about all that had happened over the last two days. I went to bed early at about 7:30pm. I woke up early at 5am, it was the third day and I was excited about what the LORD would reveal that I should do. It did not take Him long to do it. I said "LORD?". He said nothing, I said "LORD?". He still said nothing, "Oh no my LORD Your gone". Then He revealed to me what I should do. I had thought and was thinking that He was going to be in me in POWER and talk to me as I went on my mission and talk to me as I did my ministry, in other words to hold my hand every step of the way, and to guide me, but now I realize that I must go forth in faith as a man, and walk in the spirit, as a son of GOD and not go forth as a boy having my hand held. Now I know He is inside me, I know He will lead me. but I wanted to hear His voice like I did, and see Him come out of me as a rushing wind, I wanted to ask Him questions, and hear His answers, to just stand in His presence and feel the love and compassion coming from Him.

When I realized He was not going to be in me and with me in that kind of power I broke down real bad, and started crying very bitterly. I sat there crying and pleading to Him, "LORD, LORD, please come back, I need to hear your voice again, I need you here LORD like you were. Please just one time let me hear your voice again”. Well I was not able to call him back to me. That does not surprise me because I did not call him to me the first time. He came to me when He was ready, I was not even praying. I am nothing special, just a man who believes that GOD will do what He wants, when He wants, and with whom He wants. I know He will complete His work in me. I LOVE YOU OH MY GREAT LORD & GOD MY KING AND MY LIFE JESUS

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Have you ever doubted God's existence? I don't... God literally saved my life!

“Please Dear God, we need your help we are going to die out here tonight, Please help us get to shore " suddenly a strong wind kicked up and the boat started moving faster and even faster, then…”

This story takes place in the middle of July 1981 when my friend and I decided to go camping at Round Valley Reservoir in New Jersey. We loaded up my 1978 Chevy Nova with our camping gear and her Sun Fish sail boat on top. A Sun Fish is a very small sail boat about 14 feet long and about 4 feet wide it has a 3x2 hole in the center to hang your legs in while you are sailing.

We arrived at the reservoir about 6:30pm Friday evening, checked in at the ranger’s station and drove the car down to the edge of the reservoir. Our plan was to sail across the reservoir to our campsite. We had never been there before and we didn't realize how big this reservoir was. However we didn't have much of a choice at this point it was now about 7:00pm and the only other way to get to our campsite was to hike around the reservoir (which is about 10 miles around) . We decided to go with the original plan and sail. We tied the camping gear on top of the Sun Fish and set sail.

It was now about 7:30 the sun was setting and the water was claim and there was no wind blowing at all. I had never sailed before so my friend was doing the sailing; I was just kind of hanging on. She appeared to be having some trouble steering the boat and it seemed we were just floating around with no direction. I kept asking her to sail toward the area in which we though our campsite was located. She answered, the boat is not responding the way it should and there is no wind blowing. This went on for about an hour. It was getting dark now and we both started to worry we were in the middle of this large reservoir with no lights, no life preservers, no wind and the boat was not moving at all.

Suddenly we heard a motor-boat approaching and feared we would be hit by it, we started yelling for help as the boat approached hoping they would hear us before it hit us. Fortunately it did not hit us and passed right by within about 50 feet. Our little boat was rocked by the wake of water that boat created but we survived it. We were getting angry with each other at this point and we floated around for another hour or so not getting anywhere. Remember this is a sun fish very small boat with no place to really sit plus we had all the camping gear tied on to the boat which took up most of any surface space. Things were not looking good at this point. I feared another boat might come along and slam into us or we would flip over from the wake of another boat passing to close to us again, or if we fell asleep we might roll off into the water.

I decided it was time for me to pray and I prayed these words" Please dear God we need your help we are going to die out here tonight, Please help us get to shore " suddenly a strong wind kicked up and the boat started moving faster and even faster, then the bow of the boat started breaking water which means the front of the boat was slapping against the water as if the boat had a motor pushing it. This went on for about 10 minutes moving in a straight line and than suddenly the boat slowly and gently came to rest on the shore. We both looked at each other in amazement and asked what had just happened, we couldn’t explain it. There had been no wind all night long out on the water and then suddenly this strong wind came out of nowhere right after I cried out to God for help. We decide to make camp right on the beach for the night and look for our campsite in the morning because it would be impossible to find it in the dark and we had no idea where we had landed in relationship to the campsite.

The next morning we decided to go look for our assigned campsite so we walked from the beach into the woods in a straight line and to our amazement the first campsite we saw was ours! Upon inspection of the boat we found out what the problem was, the steering ruder pin was not in place causing the ruder to just flop around in the water. So even if there was a wind blowing that night we still would have had a very hard time getting to where we wanted to go. We had set sail for disaster that night and no one but God could have saved us. I truly believe God answered my prayer that night and His hand pushed that boat to shore and saved our lives.

Questions to ask yourself about this story to help understand God's Hand in this. What are the odds of a strong enough wind kicking up to push that boat for 5 or 10 minutes in a straight line? Remember the boats ruder was not secured properly and it would not steer properly even with a wind blowing! With a shore line of 10 miles round what are the odds of landing in the exact spot on shore directly in front of our campsite in the middle of the night?  Praise Almighty God and thank you Lord Jesus for saving our lives.

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